42 is a comprehensive general-purpose simulation of spacecraft attitude and orbit dynamics. Its primary purpose is to support design and validation of attitude control systems, from concept studies through integration and test. 42 accurately models multi-body spacecraft attitude dynamics (with rigid and/or flexible bodies), and both two-body and three-body orbital flight regimes, modelling environments from low Earth orbit to throughout the solar system. 42 simulates multiple spacecraft concurrently, facilitating studies of rendezvous, proximity operations, and precision formation flying. It also features visualization of spacecraft attitude.

Features Include:

  • Multi-body dynamics (tree topology, rotational and/or translational joints)
  • Rigid and/or flexible bodies
  • Multiple spacecraft (prox ops, formation flying, or independent)
  • Inter-spacecraft and spacecraft-surface contact forces support landers, rovers, and spacecraft servicing scenarios
  • Two-body or three-body orbits, anywhere in the solar system
  • Optional visualization
  • Socket-based interprocess comm (IPC) interface to other apps
  • Fast setup for concept studies
  • Rigorous and full-featured to support full spacecraft life cycle
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