K-12 Educational Resources

STF-1 Coloring Activity

Click on the link to the right to download a coloring activity for elementary and middle school students. In addition to a coloring sheet, this activity includes a fact sheet that teaches students about the basics of STF-1. Coloring Activity PDF File
STF-1 Hands-on Activity

For a hands-on lesson plan, click on the link to the right. This activity, designed for elementary and middle school students, will teach students about the Earth's atmospheric layers through the construction of a keychain. Hands-on Activity PDF File
Lego STF-1 Activity

This Lego STF-1 Activity provides the step-by-step instructions necessary to build your own STF-1 model. Additionally, this activity includes an information sheet that tells students the most interesting facts about STF-1. Lego Activity PDF File
STF-1 Engineering Challenge

The STF-1 Engineering Challenge gives students ages 9-14 an opportunity to win a variety of prizes, including a LEGO EV3 Set ($380 Value). To enter, students must send their essay - which should discuss what you want NASA to put in West Virginia's future spacecraft - to kashby1@mail.wvu.edu by October 3rd, 2016. For more information, click on "STF-1 Engineering Challenge Ad" to the right. STF-1 Engineering Challenge Ad
STF-1 Brochure

This informational brochure - created for middle and high school students - is a great educational resource for the classroom. In addition to presenting a a synopsis of CubeSats, it also delivers a brief description of STF-1 and how it will function in space. To download the STF-1 Brochure, click on "STF-1 Brochure" to the right. STF-1 Informational Brochure
STF-1 Poster

If you'd like to learn specific details about STF-1's primary mission and secondary objectives, download the STF-1 Educational Poster by clicking on the link to the right. In addition to information about STF-1's objectives, the poster also provides information about STF-1's actual hardware components. STF-1 Educational Poster